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Elegant Creations

Goddess Tara is called the goddess of compassion and the mother of liberation.


ELEGANT CREATIONS is another SHARONART PRODUCTION. We create one of as kind handmade craft items such as journals, crystal wands and art Dolls.
I like to be creative and think outside the box. I always drew outside the lines and my art has always taken that direction. I would consider myself more of a surreal impressionistic artist I guess. I consider myself a creator of all things within me. I love original creativity in all areas of my life.

I am We, the collective consciousness, pure love energy. I am NOT religious, however We are very SPIRITUAL ON EVERY LEVEL OF OUR BEING. We are an infinite spiritual being have human experiences. We mostly embody the archetypes of The Magician, The Sage, and The Creator.

I am a practicing stoic sage I strive for the beauty of imperfection. I live to live, love create and explore.

"That which you share will multiply, that which you withhold will diminish"

My Divine INTENTION is to help people raise their vibration by creating energy filled items to uplift, inspire and support the collective consciousness.
Everything I create carry's a vibrational energy field of love, peace, healing and abundance to whomever may purchase them. My Mission is to help raise the vibrational frequency of this planet by sharing my creative energy with the world, spreading love, peace and abundance energy in all I create. I appreciate you joining me for this journey. much love to all who pass this way! I Don't just want to create art, I want my life to BE art...It's a wonderful feeling to be a creator of what is within you.

 About SHaron -(aka-Goddess Tara is called the goddess of compassion and the mother of liberation. ) Born 4/13----Grew up in Atlanta Ga.--Middle child with 5 siblings--Daughter of a Governor's clerk and a carpenter. Wife of an American Marine Vet over 25 yrs---Mother of a daughter and 3 sons, (the youngest one adopted with Cerebral Palsy). Grandmother of 5. Have one yorkie fur baby-Khloe - 

I am an infinite Spiritual being having human experiences, who lives in gratitude, Loves to read, write poetry,favorite color is red, loves books, loves creating art.
My Email---elegantcreation20@gmail.com

"Do what you are passionate about with integrity, a true desire to work with the collective consciousness, and a love intention, and you will no longer work for money. At that point, money will work for you."

"I live in acceptance and love. I create my life with unwavering faith and extraordinary effort. This requires taking responsibility and discipline. Deferring gratification and doing my best to be the change in the world that I want to see in the world. In order to grow we must evolve. So I am always evolving my life into being the greatest version of myself. with much love!"

All my creations are original one of a kind items. I have set them at fair prices to accommodate the price of supplies needed and the work I put into them. These stones in my crystal wands are of the highest qualities I could find from all over the world. I then infuse them with the highest vibrational frequency and codes I could receive from the universal grid. They were all made in the energy of love and abundance and for the highest good of all.
If you can not find what you are looking for in store feel free to ask me about it.

HOW TO PURCHASE my JOURNALS- You can purchase my journals as soon as they are previewed in a video on my youtube channel. This means if I am doing a tutorial of a journal even before it is made, you can purchase the journal. You can check my Blog to see what I'm working on..You can also purchase directly from my store in stock. If you see a preview of my new journal coming out, you can purchase from the preview. Just email me for an invoice. If you would like a private viewing to decide before it hits store let me know.(That can happen a day before it hits store--)
 If you are interested  for sure in the previewed journal before it hits store you can email me and I will send an invoice. However if someone else hits me up for an invoice before your private viewing- I do sale on a first come first serve basic. To be fair, no worries but take all thoughts into consideration- If you would like a custom order please let me know. Please note that Any custom order will take 4 months to complete as I presently am working from a waiting list ..much love.

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